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Bullhead Dillon Skinny  Jeans


Bullhead Dillon Skinny jeans sometimes bear the trademark-name of “down and dirty”, and it is for good reason.



These are some skinny jeans that you can get “down and dirty” in without being uncomfortable, and that is a feat that most skinny jeans fall way short of.

There is no worse thing than uncomfortable skinny jeans, but luckily for us, Bullhead Dillon makes skinny jeans that anyone can love!

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Among the killer features that these skinny jeans boast are these...they are machine washable, which makes for easy cleaning, and they are made from 100% cotton, which means that they are super, super comfortable and long-lasting.

These boys skinny leg jeans, as the pictures indicate, have a light indigo wash tint for the greatest style ever. They are scarred for the authentic, aged look that we all want.

They have 15” leg openings for greater comfort, and even a subtle grinding on the pockets and hem, making them even  more stylish!

Add to that the five pockets, the logo button waist zip fly, and the official authenticity patch on the waistband, and you have a deal that cannot be matched!

So try on a pair of Bullhead skinny jeans today, and find out why so many people refuse to take them off!